I wish I was an astronaut

22. Lost in Washington, DC.

In other news: I’m still a piece of shit

And it was chipotle

*interrupts your important story* what are we eating

Just took 40mg of adderal and am locking myself in the studio w a bunch of redbull, granola, and bananas. Brb earning a Nobel peace priz.e

I wish I was an astronaut


I don’t like the #Ferguson is cool and all but let me draw your attention to this other terrible thing because it makes me want to snort a literal pile of cocaine like in that movie The King of New York. last night I was looking at the crescent moon and was really fucking pining to go up there, I was actually desperate “take me, take me” but I am stuck on this rock with all of you, you guys have BO and I want to live in outer space

Me too


upcoming meta for next season 

  1. getting money
  2. dodging feels
Today’s vibes

Today’s vibes